Ksar Vellum fell to the Tau that day. As the Cadian VIII beat their retreat, Tau forces led by Shas'o T'Bring raised a new standard over the remains of the shattered city. A new age of enlightenment had dawned upon this world. For the Greater good.

I wanted to capture a specific moment with this piece, the exact moment of victory where an enemies flag is taken down and unceremoniously stamped into the dirt.

I decided to convert a drone into a DX-4 Technical drone with an oxy-acetylene blowtorch to do the honours and a Cadre Fireblade to be celebrating the victory.
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Gold no less awesome job I’m gonna go rare the rest of your work and have some fun looking through your gallery

    • Jonathan Hart

      Thanks for all the nice comments John! You have made me feel really welcome here!!