Hi guys!
Here is a diorama/duel I made for the Kaha miniatures painting competition this April 2015.

I had to choose any miniatures from their Oroko range. I chose Taika (the huge Tiger-man) and Svenja (a female barbarian). I had been keeping an interesting piece of driftwood I found on the beach for just such an occasion and used it as the base of a floating island, inspired by movies like Avatar. I used plastic terrarium plants, plastic trees, moss and roots as decoration on this basic shape and bulked it out with some pieces of bark.

The miniatures were painted first using Vallejo, Citadel and Scale75 acrylics. I then created the wildlife for the scene, I wanted some different creatures to represent that Oroko teems with life. I made the blue Hyacinth Macaws from some Khemri vultures and some Milliput and Greenstuff. The Boa came from the Ark of Sotek miniature and was attached to some coiled wire from a telephone. I used pictures of real animals to get the colours and patterns right for the Tiger - man, snakes and birds. I even added a parrots nest with eggs and a small gheko lizard on the rock face. I decided to use bright colours on the foliage and rock as I was experimenting with different shades and I wanted the piece to be eye-catching from many different angles.

It's been at least 20 years since I last made a diorama or duel, normally I concentrate on single figures. It's a process I really enjoyed and still need to work at to improve. Thanks!