Hi guys!!

Here are some not so great photos of my Drakwald Bloodwolves. I converted and painted them for my Middenheim Empire army and got a Silver Demon in the 2012 Spanish Golden Demon awards with them in the Regiment category.

I used Space Wolf Thunderwolves as mounts and a mixture of parts from the mounted Chaos Marauders, Empire Pistoliers and Chaos Warriors to make the riders.

They were painted during a very hot Spanish summer.

I used crushed glass on the bases and it shimmers in the right light. (Must learn how to capture that in the pictures!)

Hope you like them.
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    John you’ve done it again,master full you and I being both regular contributors to white dwarf and warhammer visions is so darn amazing and at 12 years old I dreamed of adorning the pages of it with a close friend and bud ,here we are.your an artist above artists ..btw have a look see at my newest “berserker” I tried to do the skin like you.lol gr8 work.

    • Jonathan Hart

      Thanks John, you are too kind!