#fucksmoothness series. nº6
#fucksmoothness series. nº6
#fucksmoothness series. nº6
#fucksmoothness series. nº6
#fucksmoothness series. nº6
#fucksmoothness series. nº6
#fucksmoothness series. nº6
#fucksmoothness series. nº6
I am sick of be constrained by the official taste and rules, that somebody told at some point...painting should not be ONLY smooth transitions . Art is much more than just a technique .. Beauty is beauty no matter how has been done..Painting is expression, expression is communication and communication is a sharing action... i want to share.

"Better to be bold and to make many errors to be narrow-minded and be too cautious"
Vincent van Gogh

"Más vale ser atrevido aunque se cometan muchos errores que ser estrecho de mente y demasiado prudente"
Vincent Van Gogh

Es ist besser, feurig von Geist zu sein, selbst wenn man dann mehr Fehler begeht, als beschränkt und übervorsichtig."
Vincent Van Gogh
  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS


  • Jay Martin (Redrum)PLUS

    Sweet! Nice sentiments!

  • Matteo Murelli "Mù"

    i do understand and apreciate your argoument Alfonso yet im not totally sure we can totally forgive about the technics…
    since paint is otherwise music or literature a form of comunication,i like to think for everyone to understand,those willing to express them self throught those form of art thruly need know and controll theyr “grammar” as best as they can ...unless they want theyr arguments to be misunderstand

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      I agree. You can learn the struxture and rythm and notes and solfeo.. and then break it if you control it. Is it anythibg that you dont understand when you see this piece? 90 minutes. Is there anything that you think is not understandable. Even more.. why do we accept to be fr3sh and besuhstroky in a 2d canvas (frazetta for example) and then is so fifficult to accept in miniature?

  • Daniel Lopez- Bustos (FeRRaMiS)

    Ensangrentado a lo Bruce Willis, me gusta!

  • Doc_M

    Amazing to see your different versions, nice guidelines for the lightning effect

  • Fausto "AbyssoulFP" Palumbo

    I love this bust, but I like more your words. I’m to much BORED to see always the same rule. Smooth is always better.
    I really agree with your words…
    Btw is this little world ready for that? What do you think?
    Yes, you, me and so many others think in this way… But it’s better to try to explain this way in our little world or try to go out of our “little dimension”?

  • Oliver Posvek (Colouristo)

    I personally appreciate the freedom in art. There should be no fight for the right or wrong or the only one way to express yourself. This is the beauty of the nature and the human being, that everyone is different. Please all of you, keep painting in your own way, some will like the specific way and some not!

  • François-Xavier "Fx" HUET

    Goold !!
    So skilled !!


  • Davide "Snake" Decina

    No Words…The Gold is not enough!!!