Bellerophon or Bellerophontes is a hero of Greek mythology.
He was the greatest hero and slayer of monsters, alongside Cadmus and Perseus, before the days of Heracles, and his greatest feat was killing the Chimera, a monster that Homer depicted with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail: "her breath came out in terrible blasts of burning flame."
Bellerophon was the son of the mortal Eurynome by either her husband Glaucus, or Poseidon.


The project was sold to a private collector.
Thank you for your support in my craft, work, art and passion!

Step by step, part 1:

Step by step, part 2:

Hope you like it!
Keep on happy painting!

Best Wishes,

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    My friend you are a greatest hero and slayer of painters.if I could paint and model like this Ide never have a sad day in my life Ide always be happy.thanks for the next best thing and that’s viewing your minis.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Hey John, thank you very much for your comment and vote. I am happy you like it.

  • Jason Zhou

    Amazing scene! Read through your step-by-step articles and they are also great

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thanks Jason, happy to hear such words, also about the step by step. Glad you enjoyed them!

  • Uli Wilke

    Wow. I love the colours of the figures. I am currently reading the SBS on MV. Congrats

  • Neil Szabo AKA "Zab"

    The subtly on this piece? Wow Roman, I could look at this for hours and still find new details. You’ve really raised the bar here :)

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      This was not my intention raising any bars somewhere. My intention just was to make my supercool client happy and finish it finally :D ... but thank you!

  • Michael Volquarts


    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Dankeschön, freut mich, wenn es gefällt :)

  • Sergio Torregimeno

    a very good job :)

  • David Powell

    Really amazing work.  The painting on the chimera is fantastic and I love what you’ve done for the base.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      You will not believe me David, but I hate that base :D
      Thank you!

  • Oliver Posvek (Colouristo)

    Dear Roman, I especially like your personal journey within the creation of this hughe piece. I am in the same situation to have so many big ideas with minitaures and displays in mind but so limited time to paint. And I could create every day a new idea.
    I personally think that finishing such a piece is a special personal reward and the real win against the “den inneren Schweinehund” :)
    This is the real life. Good days and bad days - Congratulation your friend Oliver

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Let’s ask Conan what is best in life?
      Conan: “To finish a project, see it driven before you and to hear the lamantation of the brushes!”

      I know what you mean, Oliver. I am at this point very often myself. A lifetime full of painting is not enough to catch all that magic visions who are in our hearts.

      See you soon in MSS!

  • Yohan_Leduc

    I can just say “Ouch!!” and “Waow!!” Gold, of course!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      I had many ouches with this project :D

  • Javier González; "Arsies"

    You’re absolutely crazy man, only finishing a project such big as this one deserves a gold

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you. Well in some cases size matters :d

  • Scott Hockley

    Welcome back to the table, Roman. :)

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Total respect on your efforts and skill. Gold seems too little…Bravo!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Roman, I really have no words this time, diorama looks Amazing, so huge project with all this details…
    What can I say , I think you’re really the King of big storytellig dioramas)

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you brother in name and brushfun!

  • Erich_Strasser

    Grossartige Arbeit!!!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Danke, Erich. Freut mich, wenn es gefällt.

  • D@nny _

    A Great Big Project !!
    Beautifull !!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you, Danny. Finally it is behind me.

  • Robert Karlsson

    I love it!

  • Milosh Meehan

    effing epic figure and base! Fantastic work on all the perfect details.

  • Andreas NegerPLUS

    So good to see that one finished. So much atmosphere,I love it!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Once I heard myself saying that dioramas live from a thick athmosphere. I had to step back to this to finish it. Thank you, Andi.

  • antoine

    Absolutely amazing, great job !!!!  bravo Roman.

  • Luc "Windtalker" Vanpoucke

    Fantastic composition and painting Jarhead, congrats

  • Jonathan Hart

    Love the choice of miniatures, the scale of the piece, the colours and the care that has gone into every detail You are a master at work and should be very proud of this diorama. It is amazing.