I would like to present my first painted bust, this goblin is a part from a bust composition called "Smile!" I made the original sculpt, casting and actually i'm painting it.
This is the first mini i paint after a Banshee's master class i did some months ago, so i'm very grateful for the lessons.

I've learned a lot in this project working with primary colours and no glazing technique, only using some fluor colours to highlight some parts, about 20 Hours . This is very special to me because i always have been afraid of painting, but since i met Roman Lappat and Alfonso painting methods i've completely changed the mentality about painting. So much fun now!

If you are interested in the kit, you can follow this link:

Miniature madness

I would like to paint the complete scene soon, thanks for watching and I would appreciate your opinion in order to improve :)

Best regards,