The original pieces always have a unique look that i can't explain ,so i would like to show you some pictures from the original "Smile!" individual pieces. Some parts were broken ors scratched due the demold process and some little accident.

This is the big one, the first one i made from the 3, this was the main idea i was working, a big and togh birthday gob with a inusual innocent looking.

I wanted to capture this goblins like they were waiting for someone to take a picture, that's one of the reasons i choosed the "Smile!" name for the bust composition.

He is holding a sticker in the left arm that took off and at the same time is looking sideways at the goblin prankster, while is starting to blow out the cake candle. As a funny detail, he's got another sticker in the back of the jacket with a funny message from the prankster goblin :)

Made with Super sculpey firm. Hope you like it!