The Evil Goddes 54mm (temporary name)
The Evil Goddes 54mm (temporary name)
The Evil Goddes 54mm (temporary name)
The Evil Goddes 54mm (temporary name)
Hi there!

Long time no post, here one of the few figures I'm able to reveal :)

Black Sun Miniatures

"The Evil Goddess", designed and sculpted by myself (sorry for the poor picture of the draw :p)
Sculpted with Beesputty mixed fimo. Also tried the new Beesputty Summer Firm, really great when heat wave are coming :)
Will be cast by GRX, cut are in progress and obviously for such a pice, there will be many. ^^

For those who interested, I'll put in comments a few text I wrote to my customer trying to explain what I had in mind while drawing her.

Hope you enjoy her, comments are welcome :)
Having a look to my FB page, you will be able to see the step by step of this girl :)

  • Gautier "Graphigaut" Giroud

    It was designed in a particular environment, in a particular mood when I was full of reflexions studying our Universe (maybe you saw some few pics I shared on facebook of Moon, Sun and explaining the intense emotional wave which hit me while studying the incredible things which belong every day around us).
    So the draw I done was something perfectly unconscious, just letting my hand go almsot from itself. Now, with a second analysis I surprised myself to bring more clear ideas. But of course it’s just an interpretation, free to everyone else to make his own :)

    We have a “girl” with a perfect neutral face, so neutral that we can’t really define if she’s evilness or goddess (you already noted that). Her position is totally neutral too.
    Let’s go further. :)

  • Gautier "Graphigaut" Giroud

    If there is a few element I was thinking about, it was the astrological sign “Cancer”. For most, Cancer= Death. For some, Death= End of everything, for others Death=New beginning (a new cycle is starting). Let’s focus on this last idea. We have an element which allow us to think about a cycle, the parchment is turning around her (and if it would not destined to be a mini, probably this parchment will have no end and no beginning, like our Universe in some theories).
    Then, on this parchment, let’s focus on an interesting detail, there are parchments attached to parchment ^^, maybe we can consider one parchment is one life? To go further on this idea, we could imagine the last one will be almost reduce to nothing, almost destroy or going away from the main one. A life is about to finish, on the other side a brand new is coming…

  • Gautier "Graphigaut" Giroud

    Ok, you are totally right to tell me I’m crazy, and you know what? I’m totally assuming that :). I find so interesting to have an idea hidden behind draw, regardless how studip it could be ^^.

    Last thing which brought me to this analysis, when I started the draw, if she had a “woman face”, I almost draw her with no breast to bring something more ambiguous, still in this idea of neutrality. But I have to admit, I like sculpting woman due to these so esthetics shapes, so I put this idea on a side to make way to beauty. :)

  • Anton Pryakhin "Seemann"

    wow. so beautiful.

  • PierreYves"LordB"Geneste

    Magnifique boulot!
    Tu progresses vraiment de fig en fig, c’est très chouette. Et, en passant par là, mon vote t’offre l’or!

  • BnoA (Benoit Cauchies )

    Gracieux , élégant :-) beau taf