Short story:

I already did the demon of envy. I am working on a series to not paint a figure like painting by numbers, rather more tickle out an emotion and show only this. Sometimes even ignoring the sculpts structure.

About my personal feelings and experiences with anger.
I feel it once in a while - not often - and embrace it.

Anger is one of the emotions
that gives birth to many other things: Truth, healing, focus, reflection, discussion. Anger is but dangerous. If you do not have control over your anger it might turn to aggression, or even hate. This is a very bad thing coming from anger. It can be healthy if you learn how to channel its hyper emotional first moments and don't do something stupid. Anger is an emotion that is best controlled with self-reflection, but sometimes it has to be embraced in full to understand a feeling.

Some days ago I was teaching a private coaching session with Hansrainer and he wanted to learn how to paint emotions. Not an easy topic for a teacher doing this for the first time, but it was indeed a great experience for both of us. Soon you can also see what my student did, as soon as I am getting his photos ready too. In the last photo you can see three emotions I so far painted on this cool bust by FER Miniatures. The one in green was also meant to be anger, but somehow a different one :)

Hope you like it?
Keep on happy painting!