Hello everyone!

Here is the last (worthy) miniature I painted, again, a bust. This time the fantastic Faun from Pedro Fernández for Origen Arts.

It was painted during the fantastic Roman Lappat's Beginner's workshop in Heidelberg, more than 2 weeks ago. Since it was already my second workshop, I could choose a topic, and I decided to focus on atmosphere, as I knew Roman was the perfect guy for that. Therefore, most of the credit has to go to him, and also to Peter Tóth "Baphomet", who also extensively supported me and guided me through the process.

Now, regarding the miniature, the intention was to paint a pale flesh Faun under a brilliant blueish moon light, trying to capture that impression on every texture, colour and material. Though just after 2 weeks I see many things that can be done better and in a different way, I will be always quite proud of this bust as I believe in some ways it has been a level up for me. It definitely helped me to break many barriers that were constraining my creativity, and since then my brain is close to explode in a continuos analysis of the interplay between light and color, and all factors that influence them. Again, thanks Roman and Peter for pushing me over the cliff ;)

Obviously, all feedback, comments and criticism are more than welcome! Thank you so much in advance!
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Really nice!

  • Lucky-LBT

    This isn´t the easiest bust to paint, and i know it, i paint her four times.
    I rally like the skin, it shows perfect the title and te feeling you want to transmit.
    Only the leather is not so alive, here would fit some textures perfectly.

    • Luis Salamanca "Herald"

      Thank you so much! Indeed, I knew about your fantastic Four seasons “scene” while I was painting mine, and wow, it definitively amazes me!, the four of them, but specially winter ;) Regarding mine, I am also quite proud of the skin, as woman skin is always tricky. And I totally agree with you with the leather. I tried to texturize it, but since I didn’t want to lose the dark color, I was not brave enough and therefore the work I did on it is almost imperceptible. But next time, I will go one step further ;)

      Thanks again!

  • Jose_A_Alfonso

    Great skin tone, beautiful!