I need to Coles' notes this one, as my build diary won't fit. Link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CPkbPPeFrRChw1_XHTp1aYTvaYRzMC_f/view?usp=sharing

This is a story, half in the characters memory (left) and in the present. Sorry the full image isn't larger P&P is rejecting mine.

Panel 1 - Remorse/ regret. A violent revelation for our character. It is sunset in summer, flowers in full bloom. The sky reflects the violent revelation the character has recieved, the colours are those to reflect that.

Panel 2 - Rumination - It is dark, cloudy, night, fall. Our character in brooding over his thoughts, and what it means for his life.

Panel 3 - Realization - It is dawn, in winter, our character has reached a point of clarity and realization ,coming to terms with what he has discovered and how to move forward.

Panel 4 - Rebirth - Our hero throws the last of his trappings away and embraces his freedom. It is spring, flowers are blooming, birds are nesting. He is Triumphant?

Each panel was made as flat as possible, and has key elements included I felt to tell the desired items. Some panels could not be made wide enough for stuff like to wings to be at the desired angle so we compromise in how we paint it. You move closer to Abel in every panel, and the panels don't cast shadows on eachother. The items (and Abel) move out towards the viewer throughout the story. The build itself here was a nightmare.