I saw this wonderful sculpt by Ivàn Mata and knew I had to paint him. It’s a subject totally out of my comfort zone and as I wanted to practice freehand and NMM it was perfect. One of the challenges I set myself with him was a believable green based Gold, no idea if it worked but I like the end result!

This little chap is for sale


  • Rhett “Saint Toad” Jenkins

    Fantastic. Cold but colorful. The intensity of your painting lives up to the great sculpt.

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Matey, very much appreciated

  • BranPLUS

    Very good painting !

    • TimPLUS

      Legend, cheers Bran

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"PLUS


    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Ivan

  • Will “Sik Willy” HahnPLUS

    Beautiful work Tim!

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Will, looking forward to seeing yours

  • Jaime Chocano

    Great work on those golden tones. The shoulder pads are superb!

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Jaime, I did really enjoying weathering those pads

  • WojciechBober72


    • TimPLUS

      Thanks mate

  • Francois "Frado" Daugny

    Impressive painting, full of character. the NMM is great!! Gold!!

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Francois. I really enjoyed experimenting on the Gold

  • David_cualquiera

    Gold! love the gold!

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks David

  • Alex ✍PLUS

    Beautiful work Tim ❤️

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks mate!

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    Amazing painting, love the style and the brushstrokes

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks bro

  • Pablo Unamuno

    A great job, love this member of the Vlka Fenryka, gold!