This model is a bit of a breakthrough for me. I've been hesitant to start painting some models because I really want to do them justice and that just tends to hold me back. I started painting Albrork in order to break through that cycle and just paint without overthinking. Which is also why I tried to stop fiddling so much in getting everything smooth and perfect. He is the first model I tried using less brushstrokes and seeing if I could get the effect I wanted.

He's not perfect at all, but that's ok. I learned alot and I had fun painting him :)

C&C is always appreciated.
  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    He’s a good figure! Great job being brave and trying new things.

    C&C? It looks incomplete on pushing up the highlights and the glow effect. You could use some more gradation in the glow to really sell a source on it - and could make it more vibrant. The highlights on the figure overall seem almost missing; it won’t take a lot to brighten the spots where light catches on edges and folds more!

    Still, your color composition is solid and you have done really nice smooth work. It is a figure to be happy with :)

    • Miriam Kleijn

      Thank you for the nice words and C&C :)
      It always helps to have someone else’s view on things to keep on learning and improving :)

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Jakob Villien

    This is a super tricky figure to do. For a long time the box art for me was one of the best painted figures. That was a long time ago but has put me off from painting it. I think you did an awesome job replicating the feel of the model. Try to just oæay even more in the future. Mix colours from different elements to tie everything together. But overall keep it up!

    • Miriam Kleijn

      Thank you, that means alot!
      I still have oceans more to learn and get more confident in trying new things, just gotta keep on practicing :)

  • Alfonso Ciattini

    Good job!

  • Nicol Bonacina