Hey guys, here's one of my latest works, Kolt, that I painted in collaboration with Clay Project Miniatures.

It's a great mini that presents itself for all sorts of light play, and I did my best to add a lot of layers of complexity. Though there are some tuneups I would have liked to make and a few bits it would alter, in the end I think I did alright given the situation- high degree of complexity and this is the first mini that I've completed and posted here since i cut my finger off (index on my painting hand) in April.

There are three light sources, omnidirectional bright bluish white from the squirrel spirit, a warm glow from the lantern, and a soft ambient blue moonlight from the rear. I did the best I could to add all applicable cast shadows from each source, integrate them, and make the piece still viewable from as many angles as I could to show the model. I'm pretty happy with the cast shadow of the hand on the base.

Major thanks as always to my mentors Alfonso Giraldes and Richard Gray, as well as all my LXP brothers for their helpful feedback and encouragement, namely Erik Swinson and Dave Colwell for helping me through some doubts and getting me to the end.

The model is up for Pre-order now, if you would like a copy you can use my discount code SIK_WILLY_MINIATURE_ART on the Clay Project Miniatures website for 5% off.

Hope you guys enjoy it, comments always appreciated.