Hey everyone, this is my rendition of the wonderful Space Wolf fan art bust by my friend Ivan Mata, which I've titled "Heart of Fenris". I began miniature painting through gaming like so many others, and the Space Wolves were my first ever 40k army so this was a very nostalgic piece for me. I did modify it from the original version by adding a fuller beard and mustache, as well as modifying the wrist join to better show the freehand on the axe. As has become sort of my MO, the vast majority of textures on the model are all painted or freehand in (I am pretty happy with how the armor/ceramite texture turned out). I really enjoyed getting back into some freehand on this model, lots of good big flat areas to play with the brushes on. I wanted a nice bright dynamic light on the front, with the back of the bust cast in a cold ambient, as if a cold dawn was rising over the ice plains of Fenris, with the night at his back, and heat billowing out of the pack powering his armor. The light effect done there was mostly all fluor paints (my first real go with them). For the photos the colors are truer over the light backdrop, but the back is easier to read over black so I'm including a few pics of those as well.

Big thanks to my friends and mentors on this project, especially Alfonso Giraldes for pushing me on the project and for the invaluable feedback. Also to Richard, Dave, Rhett, Steve, Josh, and Matt for your feedback and support as well, much love guys.

Hope you enjoy him!