I would like to present to you my latest project, "Scarlet". The figure is the Witchhorn from Mindwork games, based off of the original artwork from Gerald Brom. There are so many wonderful versions of this figure that I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted a heavy emphasis on ambience on this one while also pushing my technical side a bit, shying away from the heavy textures i normally like to paint in favor of something more elegant and simple, yet dark and powerful. It's always interesting to take a piece sculpted off a known work and making it your own. I hope you enjoy her as much as i enjoyed creating this one. The base, backdrop, and plinth are scratch built from wood, plasticard, and milliput and based off of gothic architecture. Major thanks to my mentor Alfonos Giraldes for pushing me and guiding my creativity on this project, and for all of my LXP brothers and sisters for their continued support and feedback.