Hey all,

I am happy to show you some pics of a project I finished a year ago - but for which I only now have some nice pics, thanks to my brother Roman who took them during a recent stay of the MASSIVE VOODOO family at his study.

The vignette shows Duke Otto I of Brunswick-Lüneburg (ca. 1204 – 9 June 1252) during the Battle of Bornhöved in which an army of the Northern German Hanseatic League fought against the troops of the Danish king Valdemar II and his German allies. The Hanseatic forces took victory, allegedly supported by a miracle of St Mary Magdalene, and Otto, who had allied with the Danish, was taken prisoner. I imagine the scene showing the moment when Otto realized his defeat, briefly before being taken hostage.

The project is part of my long-term "series" of miniatures, vignettes and small dioramas centered on personalities and scenes from the Hanseatic League, which I started when I moved to Hamburg in 2018. Check the links if you like to see a few more: Lübeck, Teutonic, Visby. A few more are yet to come...

Thanks for your interest. Best,

  • Štěpán Tichý

    That is so tiny! The freehand on the flag stands out very nicely. And the sense of scale is supported by realistic basing. Super fine job!

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Thanks, Stepan! This is much appreciated!

  • OrigalumPLUS

    Taking into account size of the model it is really great and neat job!

  • Theodoros Giannakopoulos


  • Roman LappatPLUS

    When I was able to see this in real and the size of it, your paintjob blew my mind.

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Thanks, brother! And thanks again for taking such great pics.

  • Luis UgartePLUS

    Great job! Gold!

  • Michel

    Tolle Arbeit, David! Die Fahne ist der Hammer!
    Gerne auch in unserer Gruppe! ;-)

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Danke, Michel. Lieb von Dir - und: gern, wird gemacht!

  • Sergey PopovichenkoPLUS

    wow!!! great!!!

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Thanks, Sergey. This means a lot! :-)

  • Tommy Gunn

    Amazing and thanks also for the history lesson!!!

    • Tommy Gunn

      I just made you gold to boot.

      Very happy for you!

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Thanks, Tommy - and: good to know that there’s at least one person reading those tidbits of history… :-D

  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    Another beautiful small scale masterpiece that ticks all the boxes, Love it David :)

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Thanks a lot, Martin! Always good to read from you. Hope all is briliant!

  • Stanislav_Musevich

    Wow! Gold!

  • Steph.DPLUS

    Gold :)

  • Dirk R.

    I like this small vignette !
    The banner looks great !
    GOLD !

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Danke, Dirk! Freu mich sehr, dass Dir Otto gefällt! :-D

  • Maartje "MaGie" Giesbers

    Brilliant work! I love the vibrancy of the colours in the clothes and heraldry, in contrast to the dark metallics. Very interesting to read the back story, the figure & setting is really fitting. Gold!!

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Thanks so much, Maartje! Happy you like the mini and setup - and found the historical background interesting. I really like delving a little into the history of my minis - I feel it gives them more context and depth and makes them more interesting for me to paint :-D

  • fabrizio1969PLUS


    • David KuehnPLUS

      Grazie, Fabrizio! Great fan of your work as well!

  • Stefan Sturm aka "StefanHWS"

    Schön mal wieder etwas von dir zu sehen. Top Top Top. !

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Oh, Stefan! Schön, von Dir zu lesen! Vielen Dank, freu mich sehr, dass der kleine Otto Dir gefällt! Wär toll, wenn man sich mal wieder sieht!

  • Thomas "1967er" Froese

    David, you bring the explanation “MINIature” to a complete new level.
    It’s difficult to call this a great paint job - but it definitely is!
    Next time you paint a freehand aon a Scale “N” 1:144 figure using a microscope…

    btw - Gold…

    • David KuehnPLUS

      Vielen Dank, lieber Thomas! Freu mich auf ein Wiedersehen! Und: ich vermisse Bilder der Fliegenden Werkstatt hier bei P&P

  • ohtekPLUS

    wow….so. detailed!! gold~!