here it is one of my last commission works. One of the hardest exercises i have done in the last times. every time i have to do a work for a collector, luckyly i am very free to do what i want. so i propose myself to achieve a very complex range of different contrast.
Is a very hard exerciseThere are a lot of little details that unfortunatelly are maybe too subtle to point out easily.but I will explain everything in an article for Figure Painter Magazine as soon as i have a bit of free time to do it.

the quantity of different kind of contrast is huge, between, matt, satin, glossy, dull and pastel colour against vibrant saturated ones, complementary and harmonic composition and the interaction between the base (also painted by hand) and the figure.
the metallics are true metallics, but generated in an illustration style, as i have been developing for many years since I did it for the Knightmodels range. Normally i would use a more controlled palette of matt and satin colours and also inks. but here decided to achieve the chrome metallic effect with a serie of true metallics in oposition to the more desaturated colours of the suit. I didn't want a latex suit to generate more contrast between matt suit and bright metallic effect, but controlled as a non metallic treatment to focus on the focal points i wanted without distracting with effects , lights and high contrast everywhere..what i mean is that is one of my most controlled figures ever.

collector: J-Christophe