#fucksmoothness series. nº1
#fucksmoothness series. nº1
#fucksmoothness series. nº1
#fucksmoothness series. nº1
#fucksmoothness series. nº1
#fucksmoothness series. nº1
90 minutes sketch
I think is the 15th version i have painted already.
I think that if you follow my work i am trying to develop an illustration style in 3d. i have been doing this since many years ago in kmodels when i started doing the duel between anakin and obiwan:http://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/3095
Since that i think i have gone into a more wild way of painting. however there is obviously much more conciousness and control after years of developing those effects , techniques and searching for new ways and new styles.
now i am able to do this in 90 minutes, and this means that although this is just a sketch, I can guide the eye into certain ways that i want. and is the way of painting where i feel more relaxed, but excited and happy afterall .. Lets say that this is naturally what i have searching for since i discovered my love for the impresionism masters when i was 16 and i visited the musee d'orsay..and then following all the techniques and artist that can be perceived as sons of this style, and i would say attitude.. paint fast, capture the feeling, be strong, and understand the colours to create effects , light, ambiances or moments.
Life is a sequence of moments and to me this is impresionism. i cannot be an impresionist, but my attitude it is. and my techniques and way of painting are part of this tendency . smthing i will continue developing.
Who told that the only beautiful thing is the smooth blending?. I think that painting is much more than this.
  • Archontis Kitsios

    “I think that painting is much more than this”
    Couldn’t agree more. Following your work since your KM days, it’s good to see you reaching towards your goals. Always an inspiration for the rest of us.

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      thanks mate. i am glad to see that the seeds are not dying in a dry earth. i bet for the multiple styles and i bet for a future where people will appreciate the brushstrokes, the intention, the density of the pigment, as well as we use to do with 2d canvas or illustration. thats just a way. and as many people follow this or try this., the better will be for the health of this miniature world. because just to blend everything perfect in the same way with the same techniques and the same result ..i think is boring and one of the reasons why people get upset and tired with miniatures.. we must break down the boundaries!

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    Just crossing the line between painting puppets and “true art”.
    Always an inspiration!

  • Matt DiPietro

    Yeah! Teach it and preach it my friend!

  • Sebastian "Simon Moon" Reschke

    Totally love that comic feeling of this one!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Your 100 percent a innovator and revolutionary of how painting should be seen.thanks for all your contributions Mr giraldes

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      thank you mate. thats more than a compliment. if someone reminds my works 10 years later from now i will be more than happy

  • Sergio Duran

    Siempre innovando y enseñando, sin duda todo un lujo para la comunidad que existan artistas como tú. Me encanta tu predisposición en ir “más allá” siempre. Gracias por tu arte, inspiración y motivación para muchos

  • Javier González; "Arsies"

    Quizás no haya comulgado contigo en algunos de los pasos que has dado hasta llegar aqui, pero esta claro que tu tenías claro donde llegar y, evidentemente, has llegado. Es precioso.

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      me alegro q te guste javi. los caminos no tienen por que ser compartidos. al final se trata de crear piezas que gusten a los ojos de los demas. pero sobre todo piezas que nos hagan disfrutar del camino. y a mi me queda muchisimo camino por delante. y creo que cada vez arriesgare mas hasta un punto en el que lo que hga guste a muy poca gente..pero que se valore como un estilo que parte del dominio y del conocimiento, no de la aleatoriedad. la aleatoriedad debe ser en el acto de pintar con rabia, con pasion y con viveza… pero basado en conocimientos asentados..yo disfruto muchñisimo mas de mi experimentacion que del resultado en si.. gracias por comentar.

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    First of all my friend: It is amazing how you paint this in such a short time. I have seen how you do it in real and enjoyed every brushstroke you’ve made. Second: Miniature Painting is definatly much more than just a clean blending. A clean blending can look dead in the end, without soul, without grace, without character of the painter itself. Dead. This is definatly not dead and it is a joy to look at and feel the power and soul behind your brushstrokes.

    If the miniature painting world is ready for an artistic approach? Well, I am not so sure as you can see on many events a clean blending work often is more important to judges than the soul of the artist. I am with you hoping and working on that people understand the true meaning of painting.

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      thanks roman. i specially apreciate your words because i know that you understand whats going on here.  we must chage the vision, we are somehow followed by hundreds or thousands of people. specially you and your blog. and new styles shopuld be promoted and shown as something that can be done..,is our DUTY. and also is our duty to change the mindset of the old mentality oin the jury. but thats also responsability of the contest.. do they want to let this hobby die?.. so look only for the perfect bvlending and this will die.. because there is not nothing far away from the perfect blending..do u want to show this as an artistic expresion? let the people show different perspectives and masterize those new visions.. thats the way. and we are a few.. but very stubborn.

  • Erich_Strasser

    Very great expression. The face realy lives. Smooth blendings would kill this effect.
    Better blending is better painting, can not be the only way.

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      someparts ask to be blended some others needs teh high contrast. thats the truth. thanks mate

  • PierreYves"LordB"Geneste

    So catchy!! I wish I’d be able to do so, one day!!!! Truely inspiring. I could stand for hours, trying to understand the technics and feeling! I put those photos on my inspiration book!!!

  • Giraldez

    Muy buena Alfonso, el color es precioso, como las demás que pintaste, enhorabuena por el trabajo que estas haciendo ;)

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      muchas gracias angel. me alegra especialmente que te guste y comentes. tb te doy la enhorabuena a ti por tu curro tio. eres una referencia como profesional.

  • Manuel Wenkert

    90 minutes… NINETY MINUTES…  Is it possible that one day in your childhood you see some light in the night and at once you woke up in a space ship surrounded by future humans or something else? I venture a guess… In reality you are a Terminator9000 V6.0 . Built in the future and sent back as a new color messiahs and a painting machine :D however but I love your work man! No matter you are Alfonso or a Alfonsonator!!!

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      yess.what you have said.. happened exactly and now i am a copy of myself that lives in this time/space but with several personalities due to the combination of different Banshees in different moments but coexisting parallel…so…wtf!jajajajajajaja.. thanks mate. is one of the greatest comments ever! jajajaja

      jajajaja.thanks really ;)

  • Armando Martijn

    Espectacular, Master!!

  • Jonathan Hart

    You paint from the heart with a passion and style that is both refreshing and inspiring. If you were born a few centuries ago YOUR work would be in the Museu d’Orsay, but that would be a shame because the world would have missed out on possibly the greatest miniature artist of our time.
    Un abrazo amigo.

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      what to say jonathan… what you have said is probably the best compliment that someone can tell me however i am faaaar away from any of those creative and artistic monsters .. But, if i could choose a place where something painted by me should be shown to the peoplke, definitively would be this museum.. to me is something very personal and important. i need to grow way more. and i will do.. but thank you so much to take the time to say such a beautiful thing. gracias

  • Jason Zhou

    Very inspiring. You are opening a new gate to the evolvement of miniature painting!

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      thanks jason! if i am openin any gate,m I’m hoping that someone will follow me to avoid me confronting alone the bad boss of this dungeon!!

  • Albert Moreto FontPLUS

    Espectacular Alfonso. No sólo el resultado, que es buenísimo tal como nos tienes acostumbrados, pero para mí y por encima de todo la velocidad. Sacarse algo así en 90 minutos me parece tremendo y además demuestra una solidez en los conocimientos absoluta. Nunca he sido particularmente fan del impresionismo como corriente artística, pero sin embargo sé apreciar su dificultad y con cada pieza demuestras que lo dominas con cada vez más soltura. Enhorabuena por un sketch precioso.

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      gracias albert. q un tio inteligente como tu me diga esto me halaga y mucho. un abrazo gordo

  • JesusMartin

    Alfon, es un trabajo muy bonito y muy puro. Me da muy buenas sensaciones y me encanta. A nivel personal es muy gratificante leer como sigues apostando por tirar del carro y seguir en vanguardia. A mi me parece el camino correcto y además creo que es una actitud muy de agradecer. Así que enhorabuena y gracias. No por la figura, que es un simple ejemplo, sino por la actitud.

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      Me alegra me motiva y me halaga que algunos de los verdaderos profesionales de este mundo nuestro , valoren este tipo de iniciativas o intentos de tendencias. Así que gracias a ti por escribir Jesus. valoro mucho que te manifiestes al respecto.

    • JesusMartin

      Bueno, la verdad es que no hablo demasiado y tal vez debería hacerlo más… Respecto a tu trabajo, pues quien no sepa valorar el esfuerzo, la intención y los resultados, simplemente es que no tiene ojos en la cara. Siempre me he sentido muy en sintonía con tu enfoque de pintura. Me flipa, sigue así!

  • Antonio

    Increíble como engaña al ojo! Parece un 2D. Siempre me han gustado tus obras porque empujas al espectador a ver lo que tu quieras del efecto.

  • Daniel Lopez- Bustos (FeRRaMiS)

    Atrapa la mirada, tiene fuerza. Que puedas hacer esto en 90 minutos dice mucho del control que tienes del color. En especial lo que has hecho en la barbilla me parece increible. Sigue asi, en vanguardia.

  • Andreas NegerPLUS

    Thanks for your inspiration and teaching. You have given me back some of the wondrous excitement of painting that I felt, when I started years ago. Now I just have much more fun doing it, not thinking so much about finishing things or foolishly trying to get perfect blending results. When the joy of painting is there, quality improves by itself, without forcing it.

    Hope you’re well and having a good time,

  • Oliver Posvek (Colouristo)

    Dear my friend Alfonso,
    So many things are already said. From my point of view your approach is a beautiful example about the endless inner journey and development of an artist.
    Please keep your passion and soul during painting forever. And always win against any ignorance or inhuman actions from outside!
    I am very pleased that I was able to explore your personality for some days, and I dearly hope that we are close for some more days in life.
    Many thanks for opening an new painting world for me. It was always there, but within short time you have been able to unleash it!
    Yours Oliver

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      To me it was also a pleasure to feel part of your family for a few days. Everything was perfect and you are one of the few people that encourages me so much to going against the waves.i am very happy to read your words and i hope that my influence will push you to explore your ideas.. some of them that are really interesting. A big hug mate!

  • Ben Baird

    Alfonso: I have been looking for something like this in miniature painting for some time. What you are experiencing is an evolution in painting style that many classical fine artists experience in a lifetime of painting. They become more “painterly.” This means that the tight and controlled style slowly changes and reforms to become a loose, authentic, and spontaneous performance.

    Almost every artist that I admire in the traditional oil painting on canvas world evolves in this way. John Singer Sargent is the ultimate example and pioneer of this style. When you talk about smooth blending, you are really talking about “edges.” An evolved artist knows that some edges must be very clear and apparent, and other edges are less obvious. The less obvious edges are blended smoothly. Other edges have a definite line. A true master knows how to use these edges to tell a story. You have done this with the above figure. Sargant was a master of this, but you are demonstrating a true understanding of this.

  • Ben Baird

    I keep leaving this miniature and coming back to see, just as one finds a favorite painting in a museum and returns to look at it. I look at it over lunch, I watch it during breaks at work. For this reason, I must declare that this is my favorite miniature bust ever painted.

    • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

      I dont know really what to say other than thank you very much for your consideration. I really aporeciate your words. I am happy that someone appreciate it and understand it as you do.. thanks a lot