My very first Lucas Pina sculpt. Who knows why it took me so long. All I can say is WOW I had fun with this.

Big experiment and first semi-serious work coming out of the big learning period with Marko and Aleks from Craftworld. I cannot thank them enough for the wisdom and artistic creativity they have helped me to understand. Keen to get into the next project right away.

I personally feel like this is probably one of my best work to date and it's kind of a shock since I really don't have much experience painting monsters and despite all of that I still feel there is a huge room for improvement. Felt good going down, took some risks and they all seemed to work out. One of those pieces that just falls into place for almost the entire project we can all only wish for it to go this well every time we paint. I really hope you agree :)
  • Josh_Underhill

    Wow…don’t know what to say…Definitely one of your best works. The face is phenomenal

  • John Cordiano

    Outstanding. I love everything about this.

  • Iván Moles "Stuka"

    Woooooow!! Greta work! :)

  • Alex ✍

    Soo good ❤️ One of the best pieces I have seen in some time! Congrats

  • Bran

    It’s alive…..

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Such a beautiful painted Version of this great sculpt! Majestic atmosphere you painted here! It works so very very well! Congratulations and Editor’s choice from my end!

  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    Gorgeous piece of work!!! So much atmosphere put in one bust, absolutely top notch!!!

  • Ivan Hortal A.PLUS

    so cool!!

  • girlpainter57

    man those eyes realy draw you in ,fantastic

  • Sébastien "BoarWorkshop"

    I have this piece too, and your paintjob is really awesome !!!

  • Alessandro Natale

    Such beautiful atmosphere, congrats David!

  • pstockley

    Beautiful job, full of interesting nuances.

  • Josh "Zozimus" Pattison

    Lighting and color are amazing. Gold!

  • Josh "Zozimus" Pattison

    Lighting and color are amazing. Gold!

  • Jose Manuel

    I think it’s a true masterpiece

  • DavidColwellPLUS

    I couldn’t be more humbled by the response from everyone here and elsewhere for this piece.  Thank you all so very much.

  • Jonatan Gil - ElinhirPLUS

    Great work, I love the atmosphere.

  • Ángel Cerdá

    Simply amazing…wooow…❤❤
    One of the best miniatures I’ve seen lately. Congratulations!!!

  • Dexter0015

    Fantastic! The lightning is so well done. Gold!

  • eric wolfs

    Just perfect ! I like the lightning rabbit

  • Clive Jackson

    Fabulous palette and lighting effects! Gold!

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    its great to see how Australia is growing sooo fast.. your paintjob is amazing. congrats

  • Serena Mantovani

    I think I am in love with this figure. <3

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Crown

    For me, most beautiful figure what I saw.

  • Aythami Alonso Torrent

    amazing man! one of the best interpretations I’ve seen lately

  • Daniele "Found" TrovatoPLUS

    This is something incredible. Congratulations. GOLD

  • Josh_Underhill

    I have to add to my previous comment: This is not only one of, if not the best works you have done but as a few others have said, it’s also one of the best figure paintings I’ve seen.

  • Mario Hernando (Netsuke).

    Amazing work, love colors an atmosphere.

  • Natalia Oracz

    Very nice. I really like this color scheme, it fits this bust like a glove with it’s warmth. I think that the blue shine could be more visible in between the fingers, but it’s fine anyway :D Good job!

    • DavidColwellPLUS

      Now that you mention this I feel like you’re right and I want to see a bit of the glow on the inside of his fingers.  I think that may have been a result of not being able to reach there with the brush to paint because it was assembled we learn.  Thank you for the good feedback :)

  • Matthieu Roueche - "Blabla"PLUS

    What a great interpretation…miam! :)

  • Tim

    This is just beautiful

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf