hellraiser squad : dreamer
hellraiser squad : dreamer
hellraiser squad : dreamer
hellraiser squad : dreamer
Part of a hellraiser squad in my chaos space marines army, obviously inspired by the hellraiser serie.
I know my painting level is fa from what is usual aroung here, but I think the idea is original enough to share it with you (I hope I am not mistaken in this).

The concept comes from the cigarette she has in hand and in her throat : fire and smoke ; hence the flame-thrower, the pipe between her throat and her weapon and the censer (last minute decision I am very happy with). I also attached the cables pulling her skull skin back to the backpack so they are more visible.
the colors on the armor comes from the same idea than for Angelique, using beige where the original character has no clothe covering her skin : tights, arms, belly and arrows on her leg for the skin showing between her shoe laces.

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