hellraiser squad : spike
hellraiser squad : spike
hellraiser squad : spike
hellraiser squad : spike
Part of a hellraiser squad in my chaos space marines army, obviously inspired by the hellraiser serie.
I know my painting level is fa from what is usual aroung here, but I think the idea is original enough to share it with you (I hope I am not mistaken in this).

I took some freedom from the original character, even more since it never really appeared in a movie : I thought one spike in the head was not interesting enough, so I put a lot of spikes, which I think is more cenobite-like. he wwas supposed to have a king of zombie walk, but it finally appears more like a prophet posture - which if finally a good think, and make him suitable for the role of standard bearer of the unit.

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  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Spike -lotsa spikes, rusted weapons, gleaming black armor, and severed heads and guts. What more could I ask for - you nailed it!!! :)) pun intended!! Gold